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EC Comics – In Gratitude

This is another EC Comics story that deals with race, which was a very tricky subject in the 1950s. It sort of reminds me of the old Spencer Tracy movie Bad Day At Black Rock, only without the towns people trying to kill our hero.

R.I.P Pablo

Yesterday I woke to some very upsetting news. My friend for the last six years, Pablo, passed away. Pablo was my pet guinea pig and while he may just be a little animal, I loved him a lot. My partner Priscilla is absolutely devastated. She has been in tears ever since yesterday morning and she is not coping at all. She liked to turn to Pablo for company when I was away at work (I do shift work) and she feels extremely lonely now that he has gone. I don’t think that she has fully comprehended that he has truly gone away. She keeps telling me that he is never coming back and that she now has a void in her heart that she just cannot fill. It will take a long time for both of us to get over Pablo’s passing and that we will never hear his little squeaks or see his happy face again. I think that I will miss him a lot, especially the times where I give him pats under his chin before I go to work.