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Batman – The Brave & The Bold – Small War Of The Super Rifles

Bob Haney‘s Brave & the Bold stories are fondly remembered for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Haney’s Batman had his own, ever-changing continuity that was totally different from that of contemporary Batman or Detective Comics stories. The B&TB also Batman had flaws that the mainstream DC Batman did not, to the point where you would often wonder about his competency. I think that the main reason these stories were so popular is that for several years Haney was teamed with Jim Aparo, who in the 1980s would become the premier Batman artist.

Cookie Monster On Healthy Eating

Here is the lovable Cookie Monster advocating healthy eating. It’s a cute commercial from the 70s for the Ad Council in the US.

I love that end gag!

Star Wars Anti Smoking PSA

You have to wonder who thought that it was a good idea to have R2D2 and C3Po appear in an anti-smoking PSA. It’s not like robots can get lung cancer or emphysema.

Also I like the fact that they misspelled ‘galaxy’ too.