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Audi Wins Lemans


Peugeot Plays Dirty

What do you do if your team-mate is coming second and the leader is about to lap you? Let Marc Gene show you!!!Apparently Anthony Davidson did much the same thing (haven’t seen footage yet). Neither Marc or Ant are dirty drivers so I wonder why they have resorted to these sorts of tactics. Perhaps Peugeot are getting desperate?

Le Mans 2011

Le Mans has entered its final couple of hours, with Audi currently just over a minute ahead of four Peugeots. If the #2 Audi does take outright honours this year at the Circuit de la Sarthe, they will have done it the hard way, as the two other Audis had big accidents which have put them out of the race.

Firstly Allan McNish had a spectacular accident after trying to overtake a GT class Ferrari.

Then Mike Rockenfeller did the same thing.

Fortunately both drivers seem to be alright.

Peugeot 908 Testing At Monza

On the 24th of March Peugeot tested their 2011 Le Mans contender at Monza.

Audi R18 TDi Testing At Sebring

Audi‘s new Le Mans challenger testing at the famed Florida circuit a week or so ago.

I think the worst thing about the turbo diesel cars is the noise, or should I say the lack of noise, when compared to the petrol cars.

Allan McNish talks about the car.

Aston Martin AMR One

This week Aston Martin released pictures of their new Le Mans challenger the AMR One, which replaces the Lola Aston Martin LMP1.

What is surprising is that Aston have decided to make an open prototype, rather than a coupe like Audi has. It will use a 6 cylinder turbo engine, as opposed to the V12 that the Lola Aston has been using.

Peugeot 908

A couple of weeks ago Peugeot launched the successor to their 908 HDi FAP which it had been racing at Le Mans since 2007. The 2011 908 looks similar to the older car but features a V8 turbo diesel rather than the V12.