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I see that Melbourne supporters are blaming their coach Mark Neeld for their woeful performances this so far year. This is really unfair as the problem runs much deeper than the coach and has more to do with their administration and previous coach. The problem is that the Demons have been terrible for a long time. As I said on Facebook 12 months ago when I watched both Collingwood and Melbourne training on adjacent ovals, watching the Dees was like watching the local under 12s in comparison to the professionalism of the Pies. The Pies were running through complex drills whilst Melbourne was playing kick to kick and goal kicking practice.

The problems as I see it has to do with their poor recruiting and the fact that Neeld has come from Collingwood where tactics, accountability and discipline, two things Melbourne has been lacking for so long, and tried to bring these things to the Demons. From some reports the senior players have rejected Neeld for this, which I guess means that to be honest they don’t deserve the opportunity to play AFL football. I think that Melbourne’s current predicament reflects more on former coach Dean Bailey than anything else.

One of the biggest critics of Neeld has been David King, who was a successful player with North Melbourne, but has never been a senior AFL coach. He was an assistant to Richmond coach Terry Wallace a few years ago and we know how well the Tigers did during those years. King has applied for several coaching jobs since Richmond gave him the flick but no one has been willing to even give him a second glance.



It’s reasons like this that I wish that Channel 10 or even Channel 9 had the rights to the AFL.

Bob Rose Statue at the Westpac Centre


Football – Queen’s Birthday – Melbourne vs Collingwood at the MCG

Yesterday I ventured to the MCG to watch my first games of footy live for about a dozen years or so. In fact the last game that I went to was in 1998 at Princes Park between Carlton and Melbourne. (The Dees won that game by 2 points!) I have wanted to go to games since then but it has been very difficult. I know that this is no excuse, but I do work every Friday night and every second Saturday. Add to this the fact that ‘P’ has never really shown much of an interest in going to the footy and she’d never want to see a Collingwood match as she’s a Carlton supporter (boo!!!).

Yesterday after finishing work in the morning, I rushed home to have a shower and get ready. I then walked to the MCG. Along the way I bought myself some bottled water and a sandwich to haveat the game.

Things have changed since I last went to a match. Back then the reserves used to play before the big game. I remember watching these games and seeing guys such as Saverio Rocca play their first games in the black and white. Yesterday we had a lame pop concert instead. Russell Roberston sang a couple of songs as did My Friend the Chocolate Cake and the new group formed by Jesse and Ella from Killing Heidi. We also had Nick MacCallum doing crappy interviews on the boundary line. I really miss watching the reserves game.

The game itself was unremarkable. The Pies weren’t great but still smashed the hapless Dees. Collingwood had a couple of brilliant periods at the end of the second and final quarters, but too many of the players tried to be too fancy, whilst others did not seem to be working hard enough.

Travis Cloke played well, kicking six goals, while Cameron Wood did a very good job in the ruck. Andrew Krakouer did a couple of good things in the forward line and Leon Davis was pretty good as well (although he was one who tried to be too fancy at times). Sharrod Wellingham was brilliant too. Leigh Brown took a very good mark but did not do much else, whilst Alan Didak seems to be injured or out of form, as every time he disposed the ball it went to an opposition player

Melbourne played horribly. They showed poor skills and even worse decision-making. Their game plan was too predictable and they were very soft as well. I am not sure why their coach Dean Bailey is not under the pump even more than he is. I can see why some people would like Mick Malthouse to coach Melbourne next season.

I filmed this and it gives an insight into just how high up I was sitting. The camera work is a bit shonky, but not that far behind what Channel 7 serve up.


This is from the Age the day before Anzac Day 1953, when Collingwood played (and won) a charity football match against Fitzroy.