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Lois Lane – I Am Curious (Black)!

Comic books sometimes try to be important and make a statement about some social issue of the day. This sort of thing was all the rage in the earlier 70s when you had some very good stories such as those in Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams‘ Green Lantern/Green Arrow series. This story that I featured is from Lois Lane 109 and was written by Robert Kanigher. It is a well-meaning but very goofy story if I may say so myself.

BTW, I have to say that Lois looks hawt as a sista.

Disney – Mickey Mouse Model Sheet by Ward Kimball

Thad K recently posted this on his Animation ID blog, but I did it first on my old, messed up blog here in September (but nobody saw it back then! Sigh! I wish I could get as many visitors and comments as Thad does!). I may as well repost it here for old times sake.

Here is a Mickey Mouse model sheet by legendary Disney animator Ward Kimball. It seems that he was having a lot of fun when he did this. Kimball would have to be my favourite of Disney’s 9 old men.


Why is it OK for people to go out of their way to annoy others? It seems that these days it is fine for people to attack innocent people for no reason whatsoever.

For example, last night I caught a tram home from work. On the tram there was a young tattooed guy and his equally tattooed girlfriend who proceeded to taunt me for no reason. Both seemed to be stoned out of their minds. They kept trying to engage me in conversation by making jokes about me, until they got off the tram to go and have a few ‘cones’. (Perhaps they were going to get ice-cream!)

A similar thing happened today when I saw a 29-year-old boastful guy who was trying to impress a girl, by making jokes about the nearest random person he could find. (ME!) The guy was sober, and at 29 you think he would be too old to do something so childish. Still, he was trying to impress a girl who wasn’t interested in him, so what else could he do than try to make a stranger look like an idiot?

With the whole world attacking me I am starting to think that I am a freak!!!

Can’t Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me

I have coulrophobia, a fear of clowns. They really freak me out. Even as a kid I was frightened of clowns. I remember one day being at Moomba when I saw Zig and Zag. I started to panic and had to get up and get away form these two as soon as I could. (This was before the criminal allegations against Zig!)

Just the other night I was walking to the 7/11 when a car drove past me. A clown had his head out of the window and was screaming out abusive language to me and calling me all sorts of names. The car headed to the car park of Crown Casino with the clown still yelling obscenities at me. I was really freaked out. I wanted to follow the car into the carpark so that I could kill the evil clown, but I soon came to my senses. Since this incident I have not been sleeping well and have been having nightmares about being attacked by clowns.

Some People Are Just So Rude

Some people are really horrible and do not even pretend to be nice. Today I went to a dermatologist on Hawthorn Road in North  Caulfield. It was the first time that I had been to this place and I mistakenly went into the North Caulfield Medical Clinic next door. I discovered that I was in the wrong place when an older Jewish man, who I assume was one of the doctors, virtually told me that I was a stupid idiot for going to the wrong address and that he was sick of everyone else who had made that mistake. He was extremely rude and even spiteful in the way that he spoke. He certainly did not try to be understanding at all and made me feel really embarrassed. Because of the way that this man spoke to me after my inadvertent mistake, I will NEVER go to this clinic and implore other people to avoid it. It does not take much to be nice to people and at the very least he could have pretended to be nice.