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Disney – Mickey Mouse Model Sheet – Mickey And The Beanstalk

This model sheet is currently up for auction on Ebay. It’s going quite cheap too, just $40. The seller says that it’s an original Disney model sheet from the 1940s Mickey and the Beanstalk segment of Fun and Fancy Free. I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but it does look very nice.

QV Newsagency New No Reading Policy

I know that a newsagency is not a lending library but customers usually do like to look through magazines before they purchase them. At least I do anyway. I don’t blindly buy magazines, but instead purchase ones that have interesting articles. The only way that I am able to see whether a magazine has interesting articles is to flick through them first to see what is inside the cover. Unfortunately the QV newsagent in Melbourne has begun a new policy of not allowing customers to read through their magazines until after you have purchased them. They even have a guy roaming the shop rudely grunting at customers that they should buy before they flick through the magazines. I can understand why they have such a policy, but I suspect that this policy will backfire and that they will lose business. (They have already lost mine!) Instead I will buy my magazines from Borders in Melbourne Central or at the Melbourne Central newsagents where you are allowed to flick through the magazines to see if they are worth buying, before making a purchase.

2007 MYER Christmas Windows

Just last week I ventured to the MYER city store to look at their 2007 Christmas windows. These have been an attraction for 51 years and I can honestly say that this years windows are one of the best displays ever. This years theme is an environmental one, with scenes taken from Graham Base’s picture book Uno’s Garden being displayed in the windows. This is a must see for anyone visiting Melbourne or for parents who are looking for stuff to do with the kids this festive season.