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The Origin Of Captain Marvel

From February 1940. In the cover I can see the slight similarities to Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1.

The Return Of Mr Tawny

Captain Marvel was the biggest selling superhero comic of the 1940s, more popular than even Superman. In fact DC sued Fawcett Comics over Captain Marvel, saying that he too closely resembled the Man of Steel and infringed on DC’s copyright. The case went on for a decade before DC won, and Cap’ disappeared for twenty years.

I never understood why DC thought that Captain Marvel was a plagiarism of Superman. Other than the fact that they both have super powers they have nothing else alike. Superman is an alien whose home planet exploded. He gets his superpowers because he is an alien. Captain Marvel is a kid, Billy Batson, who was granted his powers through magic by an old wizard. When he says the magic word he becomes the World’s Mightiest Mortal.

Superman’s enemies were mainly mad scientist, other aliens or imps from the 4th dimension. Captain Marvel faced a mad scientist, nazis, an evil genius worm and an ancient Egyptian prince. Superman’s friends included the other reporters at the Daily Planet, while Captain Marvel’s friend included his sister, as well as a talking tiger.

SHAZAM! The Original Captain Marvel and the Talking Tiger

There have been rumours for some time that a Shazam!/Captain Marvel movie may happen. The speculation is that the current project is dead. If a movie is made I hope that it features Mr Tawny the talking tiger, as well as the Big Red Cheese’s arch villain Mr Mind the worm.