I have a soft spot for Batman’s lesser known villains, especially those who can be classified a being losers. Everyone knows the Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, the Penguin, Two Face and the Riddler, but how many casual fans know the Getaway Gimmick Genius, the Black Spider, the Spook or Crazy Quilt? I also admit to being a fan of Killer Moth and Firefly too. However the villain that I want to focus on here is someone who had no chance of being more than a one-shot rogue, even though his ‘m.o.’ was pretty cool. While his shtick of erasing any evidence of another crook’s crime could have made him a worthy member of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, Lenny Fiasco’s costume was just too silly, while the story was just stupid. Still, I think Eraser would make for a pretty neat action figure. This was made during the run of the infamously camp TV show.