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Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy


This documentary on the life of Ayrton Senna will be released in Australia on July 21, 2011.

From what I have heard and from looking at the trailer it is a must see.

It has already been released in Brazil and Japan (last November) and the UK release date is June 2011, which I guess is to coincide with the British Grand Prix.

Abbott & Costello – Who’s On First?

One of the greatest ever comedy skits.

Superman vs Antonino Rocca

Everyone knows about Superman’s epic battle with Muhammad Ali in the 1970s, but few people know about his wrestling match with Antonino Rocca in the 1950s. I suppose that is because few people today know who Antonino Rocca was. I guess you could say he was one of the biggest face stars of  Capital Wrestling Corporation which is now the WWE of the 1950s and was one of the biggest stars of that time to wrestle at Madison Square Garden. He left CWC at the time when they were renamed the WWWF and a championship tournament was held to decided who would become the first WWWF champion. In the 70s he was a commentator for the WWWF alongside Vince McMahon Jr. He refereed the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Gorilla Monsoon in 1977 at the Garden.

Here is a clip of him wrestling the NWA champion Lou Thesz at Madison Square Garden. As it is billed as champion vs champion I’d dare say that Rocca holds the CWC champoionship at this time (which is not held as part of the WWE championship lineage).

Chop Suey Specs

I am not sure if this item is the most horribly racist thing I have seen in a long time, or the most awesome thing I have seen. I think the thing that make these worse is that they were made in Hong Kong.

This picture was found at the Authentic History website.

The Shop Around The Corner

Cover of "The Shop Around the Corner"

Cover of The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around The Corner is a 1940 romantic comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch, and starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. It’s based on a 1937 Hungarian play Parfumerie, written by Miklós László. It is probably the best romantic comedy that I have watched and is one of Time magazines All Time 100 best films.

The movie is set in a small shop in Budapest and focusses primarily on the relationships between the employees. The main characters are Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak (played by James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan) who are exchanging love letters to each other anonymously, whilst despising each other in real life.

The film is really charming and has been imitated many times, most recently with the Tom Hanks film “You Got Mail”.


This bizarre advertisement for Pitney-Bowes can be found over at the excellent Found In Mom’s Basement blog.

Spanky McFarland for Speed-O Bikes

Here’s an ad from 1931 featuring Our Gang‘s Spanky McFarland, who would have only been three years old at the time.

$h*! Andrew Bolt Says

Last week Andrew Bolt had this to say about the Fukushima nuclear plant.
In the two weeks since the Earthquake/Tsunami he has written that there is nothing to worry with the nuclear plant, that it is the media who should be held to account for their scaremongering and that some radiation may be beneficial to humans. It’s been a few days since he has written about this topic so I wonder if he will have anything new to say about this news…


I’m sure that Bolt will do what he always does and keep insisting that it is the leftist that are making this story out to be worse than it actually is. Of course if the worst case scenario occurs and the plant melts down (which I hope it does not do) then Bolt will forget all about this whole thing and his own comments. Then again Bolt insists that Chernobyl only killed 65 people although up until two weeks ago he was saying it was just 50 people.

The Valley Of Giant Bees!

When people complain that the Batman TV show was really camp and unjustly tarnished the image of the Caped Crusaders I think that they are forgetting that there was a bit of camp in the comic book too. Especially in the 1950s and early 60s when Batman was not allowed to battle arch villains like Two Face and the Joker.

Here is perhaps the campest of camp stories that demonstrates how dumb the character and stories had become in the 1950s and early 1960s. This is surely a low point in the Dark Knight Detective’s career.