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Christmas On Bear Mountain

This Carl Barks story from 1947 introduced the world to (Uncle) Scrooge McDuck.

The Origin Of Captain Marvel

From February 1940. In the cover I can see the slight similarities to Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1.

The Second Richest Duck In The World

Here’s a Carl Barks Duck Tale that introduces Scrooge‘s nemesis, Flintheart Glomgold.

Batman Meets Fatman

No really…

This is another “unique” Bat-story of the 1950s that shows just why most people disregard this era of the Caped Crusader’s career. Perhaps DC should put out a collection of Weird Tales from Gotham City. It could be filled with all the stupid stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s such as the one above. It could feature the ‘many strange transformations of Batman, like the stories where he turned into a giant, merman, gorilla etc. There could also be a section on all the many times Batman travelled back in time, fought aliens or met others that he inspired such as Fatman, Batboy, Mogo the Bat-gorilla, Batmite, Ace the Bathound, Batman Jones etc. I’m not sure it would sell many copies although I am sure some people would pick it up just for a laugh.

Batman vs The Joker – The Joe Miller Joke Book

Here’s another great Golden Age story which focuses on the Joker’s vanity and the fact that he considers himself a great comedian.

Goodbye Cruel World

The Crimes Of Kite Man

Batman may have the greatest rogues gallery in all of comicdom but there are also a few duds too. The Eraser comes to mind as does Crazy Quilt and the Ten Eyed Man, but I think Kiteman takes the cake.

I wonder whether there is a Kiteman origin story.

The Penguin On Parole

As we saw in Joker’s Millions, it is difficult for any of Batman’s rogues gallery to go straight. This is from Batman #38, December 1946.

Tom & Jerry

This is from Our Gang Comics #4 from 1942 (I think). This is still early in T&J’s career judging by the way they are drawn here.


Here is an unusual bootleg comic from India featuring Superman, Batman and Spider-man and the Indian superhero Nagraj. It is truly bizarre in a way that only something that is a complete rip-off can be.