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Busy Bodies

This is another fine Laurel & Hardy short film from the early 1930s. It features lots of funny slapstick and is perhaps one of their funniest movies. A lot of the film plays out like a silent film, despite being made in 1933, with Stan in particular showing off his pantomime skills. The film gave me a few good chuckles and doesn’t seem to have dated too badly.

Peace On Earth

The Susie-Mxyztlplk Alliance

Here Lois Lane’s niece returns to join forces with a certain character from the Fourth Dimension.

$h*! Herald Sun Readers Say

Love Happy

Cover of "Marx Bros. (Movie Icons)"

Cover of Marx Bros. (Movie Icons)

Love Happy is notable for two things, 1) it is the worst of all the Marx Bros. films and 2) it features the screen debut of Marilyn Monroe.

Groucho never appears on-screen with his other two brothers, while Chico looks very old (he was 62) and tired. There are some OK jokes with Groucho, and Harpo has a few good gags too courtesy of Frank Tashlin, who co-wrote the film. Although Harpo’s schtick does wear thin after 30 minutes. The best scene is the 2 brief minutes when Marilyn is on-screen with Groucho getting in a couple of good lines, but overall it is a terrible and terribly boring film.

Superman Meets Susie

This is the first Superman story that I have posted and it features Lois Lane’s niece Susie. By the mid-1940s Superman had become so powerful that the writers were struggling to find villains who could trouble the Man of Steel. Instead they started having Superman come up against pests like Susie, the Toyman, the Prankster and Mr. Myxlplkt who would give him lots of headaches.

For more information about Susie Tompkins please visit Supermanica.