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Strong Kids Safe Kids

Here’s a Public Service Announcement from 1984 featuring Henry Winkler as the Fonz. It is well-meaning in its effort to inform children of the dangers of child abuse, but like all PSA’s it turns out more cringeworthy than anything else.

Especially creepy is the guy singing about body parts.

Peace On Earth

Breast Cancer Foundation

Believe it or not, these ads come from Singapore. They are quite cute and risqué and get the message across quite clearly too.

Racist Brain

Superman & The Special Olympics


Here’s an old ad (circa early 1940s?) about avoiding VD. It kind of reminds me of another ad that was used by the Australian Army in WWII that featured a certain bad-tempered cartoon duck.

Children Of Tomorrow!

Here’s another public service announcement from DC Comics and the UN.

Are You A Good Neighbour?

Billy’s a real killjoy.

Supermen Of America

Don’t Rely On Unscientific Myths!

I guess that in the 1940s people had to be told these things.