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Melbourne Zoo

Yesterday we again ventured to Melbourne Zoo, this time to see both baby elephants, Mali and Ongard. Again they were really cute.

There have been some changes since we last visited 14 months ago. Roan the brown bear and Monifah the pygmy hippo have both passed away, which is really sad, while the bachelor gorillas have moved to Werribee, whilst there is a new elephant, Ongard, and new baby orang-utan.

It was a good day to visit even though it was cold and wet. I think that because of the weather there weren’t many people there, and we didn’t have only 5 minutes to watch the elephants. I think we were there for at least an hour.

Melbourne Zoo Photos

P & I went to the Melbourne Zoo today. This is the first time that we have been since February 2007 and the first time that we got to see the baby elephant Mali. She is so cute!

I notice that Yakini, the gorilla who was born here a few years ago has been moved and Rigo is the only silverback in the gorilla group. Apparently the rest of the male gorillas are going to Werribee to form a bachelor group.

Oh, and that Giant Tortoise is doing what it looks like it is doing. They can move very quickly when they are horny. The terrified female tried to get away but she didn’t stand a chance.

You Belong In The Zoo

Here are some photos that were taken at the Royal Melbourne Zoo a couple of days ago when P & I visited. I love going to this place and even though I don’t think that zoos are the best place for wild animals to be kept, I do appreciate that there is somewhere you can go to see all of these animals up close. It’s a dilemma for me I guess.