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The Joker’s Five Way Revenge

This is one of the greatest Joker stories ever. Written in 1973 by Denny O’Neil and illustrated by Neal Adams, this was the Joker’s reintroduction to the comic books after a five-year break.
Neal Adams has recently messed around with this story, using new digital recolouring to replace the original colouring. This version of the story has turned up a couple of times in reprints, but I prefer the original.

Cartoon Allstars To The Rescue

I think I posted this on my old blog years ago but have not brought it over here until now. Cartoon Allstars is one of those misguided but well-meaning PSA’s from the late 80s that ends up being all the more unintentionally funny because of the heavy-handed way they deal with the drug abuse issue.

Personally I feel that the best way that the anti-drug message was sold to kids was back in the 70s with the issues of Spider-man and Green Lantern/Green Arrow that dealt with the issue.

Looney Tunes – 1961 Bugs Bunny Model Sheet

This is currently on Ebay.