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Murder Morphine and Me!

This is one of those fabled comic stories that one reads a lot about but rarely ever sees, like EC Comic’s Judgement Day or the infamous Foul Play. This Jack Cole story, Murder Morphine and Me is notorious because one panel in particular (and you’ll know which one when you see it) was cited by Dr Wertham as an example of why comic books were causing the degeneration of youth in the 1950s.

The Man Who Wrote The Joker’s Jokes

I am putting a brief hiatus on my posting of Joker stories. Whilst the Joker is undoubtedly my favourite of all comic book characters, I feel that I must move onto other things.

The Joker’s Five Way Revenge

This is one of the greatest Joker stories ever. Written in 1973 by Denny O’Neil and illustrated by Neal Adams, this was the Joker’s reintroduction to the comic books after a five-year break.
Neal Adams has recently messed around with this story, using new digital recolouring to replace the original colouring. This version of the story has turned up a couple of times in reprints, but I prefer the original.

Batman – The Brave & The Bold – Small War Of The Super Rifles

Bob Haney‘s Brave & the Bold stories are fondly remembered for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Haney’s Batman had his own, ever-changing continuity that was totally different from that of contemporary Batman or Detective Comics stories. The B&TB also Batman had flaws that the mainstream DC Batman did not, to the point where you would often wonder about his competency. I think that the main reason these stories were so popular is that for several years Haney was teamed with Jim Aparo, who in the 1980s would become the premier Batman artist.

The Joker Walks The Last Mile

The Joker would have to be my favourite comic book character of all time. I especially love the ‘old school’ Joker from the 1940s, who was equally homicidal and insane. In this story the Joker comes up with a brilliant idea on how to get away with his crimes, to confess and get executed. I know it sounds crazy, which is perhaps why I love it so much.


Archie gets criticized a lot for being very hokey, many people arguing that he still espouses 1950s attitudes in the 2000s. I still think he is good for a laugh. Anyway, here is his first meeting with one of the loves of his life, Betty Cooper. This is Archie’s debut story.

I like how Archie likes to be called “Chick”, except I don’t think he was ever called that at all in any of the 1940s Archie Comics that I’ve ever read.

Dell Comics – Georgie and the Dragon

This is the Dell Comics adaptation of Georgie And The Dragon from Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mister Magoo #5 from 1953. It’s just a straight adaptation of the cartoon which is a favourite of mine.