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Some comments made at Piers’ and Andrew’s blogs are almost defamatory. Many are just downright stupid and I don’t understand how they can pass moderation.

WTF Bolt

A bizarre post by Andrew Bolt about something to do with some book about
Michelle Obama and Oprah or something. What really caught my attention was that Andrew posted this bizarre quote.

Michelle also told them how great it was to be waited on by a large staff, as if Oprah wouldn’t know about that. And oddly enough, Michelle mentioned that the White House cooks made the best pie in the world. But she didn’t offer Oprah or Gayle any . . .

The whole reason for Andrew posting this snippet is… I don’t know. I guess he doesn’t like the Obamas and Oprah or something. And to think Andrew has called Crikey a gossip website…

It May Now Be Too Unsafe To Allow Comments.

Manne’s article about Bolt is on the ABC’s Drum website and can be found here…



FFS – Bolt’s Readers Still In Dark Ages

The idiots can’t even be happy at this. Of course they claim to be Christian yet are so judgemental. Of course if they were so Christian they would know that Matthew says…

Is there anything that multiculturalism isn’t to blame for?

According to the genius readers of the Herald Sun, the UK riots are a direct result of Britain’s policy of multiculturalism and not the recent police shooting of a black youth (gang member actually), rampant unemployment or a terrible Tory government.

The Herald Sun’s resident trollumnist also initially blamed multiculturalism but has since back-pedalled ever so slightly. Doesn’t stop his idiotic readers though!

LOL Bolt’s Dog Whistling


More idiotic comments on the blog of Southbank’s resident expert on everything.


Blame the victims!!!


Shit Andrew Bolt Says