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Here’s an old ad (circa early 1940s?) about avoiding VD. It kind of reminds me of another ad that was used by the Australian Army in WWII that featured a certain bad-tempered cartoon duck.

The Greatest Medical Discovery Ever Known

In case you’re wondering it’s an ad for a vibrator.

Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

Believe it or not, these ads come from Singapore. They are quite cute and risqué and get the message across quite clearly too.

Ride Bathombre, Ride!

This was once posted on the internet somewhere but I haven’t seen it for years and so think it was taken down. This is a story that was sort of referenced by Grant Morrison in his Club Of Heroes storyline a year or two ago. I like the idea of an evil South American Batman clone with a mustache causing trouble while riding around on a masked horse.

Children Of Tomorrow!

Here’s another public service announcement from DC Comics and the UN.

Are You A Good Neighbour?

Billy’s a real killjoy.

71st Anniversary of the Wizard Of Oz

Google celebrated the 71st anniversary of the Wizard of Oz with a special Google Doodle.