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The Red Balloon

Here’s a French film from the 1950s that I remember vaguely watching as a child. This short film from Albert Lamorisse is probably one of the most famous children’s films of all time.

More Comments From Piers’ Cesspool

Again I ask how a major newspaper blog site can allow such lax moderation standards as that at Piers Akerman‘s. I think alluding to the PM as having a criminal history is worthy of a defamation action while calling her shit and an arsehole is just crude vulgarity. But as Piers and his News Ltd cronies always tell us, the Labor government and Julia Gillard are arroding our freedom of speech.


 Surely allowing comments calling the PM a traitor is not good. Nor is calling for the army to revolt. Are people so unhinged or is it just that Piers attracts these looneys.



Shonen Knife – Buttercup (I’m A Supergirl)

What could be better than combining Shonen Knife with the Powerpuff Girls? Nothing!!!

iPhone 4S Issues

In March I decided to lash out and purchase a new iPhone 4S. Last Wednesday I upgraded the operating system software… And that’s where my troubles began. Since then I have had no sound. I can’t hear people who I ring and Those who ring me, I can’t even hear the bloody thing ring. There’s no sound on any of the apps or games either.

Today I took the phone to Chadstone to repair. First I went to Vodafone where the ‘nerd’ pretended it was an unusual problem. (It ain’t, there are hundreds of pages at Apple’s online forum dedicated to this issue!) he said he could send it to the Vodafone tech but that would take between 5-10 working days to get my phone repaired.  I then went to the Apple Store where the tech again feigned disbelief at this problem. It couldn’t possibly be the software upgrade that caused this issue! Do they think I’m stupid? Do they think I wouldn’t have checked the Internet to see if anyone else has had this problem?

Anyway I have made an appointment to see a tech tomorrow to repair the phone. I think the phone is great when it works but to have a problem like this is unacceptable. They better repair the phone to my satisfaction, but I must say I’m not impressed.


Some comments made at Piers’ and Andrew’s blogs are almost defamatory. Many are just downright stupid and I don’t understand how they can pass moderation.