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The Joker’s Movie Crimes

This is another ‘old school’ Joker story and one that is quite infamous due to the ‘goat scene’ which has appeared out of context on the Superdickery website.

Profile On Jerry Robinson – Creator of the Joker

This article is from the Amazing World of DC Comics #4, January/February 1975. Robinson talks about how he came up with the idea of the Joker and Robin, about Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and about his work in the Golden Age of Comics.

* Just a brief note, Jerry Robinson’s recollections about the creation of two key Bat-characters (Joker and Robin) are very different to those expressed by Bob Kane less than a decade before this article was written. This article came out not long after the untimely death of Bill Finger, by which time I think that Kane had somewhat changed his view.

MGM – Droopy – Dumb Hounded

I have posted a few cartoon posters that I have thought were really fun and quite arty, but here is one that is not so good. MGM cartoons of the 40s were second only to Warner’s but their publicity art was not of the same quality as the cartoons.

Droopy looks positively creepy in the above picture. Worse still is that some of the other cartoons’ posters look much worse. Still, it is a great cartoon directed by Tex Avery.

Disney – Clara Cluck Model Sheet – Mickey’s Amateurs

This model sheet of little known Clara Cluck is up for auction on Ebay. It looks very nice and the seller says that it is from 1937s animated short Mickey’s Amateurs. For $40 it looks very good.

Disney – Donald Duck – Der Fuehrer’s Face

If you ever wondered what would happen to Donald Duck if he was living in Nazi Germany, you really should see the Academy Award winning cartoon Der Fuehrer’s Face.197871_1020_a