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Shonen Knife – Daydream Believer

Back in the 90s I was a fan of what was then known as J-Pop. That is pop/rock music played by Japanese all girl bands singing in Engrish. OK, I admit that I wasn’t all that into the scene but I was a fan of Shonen Knife and even went so far as buying a few of their albums.


This is their cover of the great Monkees song, Daydream Believer.


Brilliant Moderation Piers

Yesterday David Penberthy wrote an article on Murdoch’s The Punch website talking about how there are some people who are quite unhinged when it comes to discussing politics and that he thought it was Tony Abbott‘s fault because he wants power at any cost. It was an interesting read but it ignored one big factor in the unhinging… the Murdoch press. Maybe Penbo didn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him but spend just a minute reading Andrew Bolt‘s latest blog entry and you’d think that we are living under a dictatorship. Then there is Piers Akerman, who describes Prime Minister Gillard as odious. Just one look at the comments he, as a moderator, allows to be published unchallenged is quite an eye opener.

English: own work

English: own work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see that Melbourne supporters are blaming their coach Mark Neeld for their woeful performances this so far year. This is really unfair as the problem runs much deeper than the coach and has more to do with their administration and previous coach. The problem is that the Demons have been terrible for a long time. As I said on Facebook 12 months ago when I watched both Collingwood and Melbourne training on adjacent ovals, watching the Dees was like watching the local under 12s in comparison to the professionalism of the Pies. The Pies were running through complex drills whilst Melbourne was playing kick to kick and goal kicking practice.

The problems as I see it has to do with their poor recruiting and the fact that Neeld has come from Collingwood where tactics, accountability and discipline, two things Melbourne has been lacking for so long, and tried to bring these things to the Demons. From some reports the senior players have rejected Neeld for this, which I guess means that to be honest they don’t deserve the opportunity to play AFL football. I think that Melbourne’s current predicament reflects more on former coach Dean Bailey than anything else.

One of the biggest critics of Neeld has been David King, who was a successful player with North Melbourne, but has never been a senior AFL coach. He was an assistant to Richmond coach Terry Wallace a few years ago and we know how well the Tigers did during those years. King has applied for several coaching jobs since Richmond gave him the flick but no one has been willing to even give him a second glance.


John Jay on Bob Brown

Here’s a recent post from Pier’s favourite reader about former Greens leader Senator Bob Brown. Yes, there is more mention of Dark Forces…

John Jay

A regular contributor to Piers Akerman’s blog is John Jay, whose views are… shall we say… unique.

The level of political discourse on Piers Akerman’s blog

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Up Above My Head

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is perhaps one of the most influential women, but least known, in rock and roll. She was a blues singer and guitarist who I guess is most well know for being referenced by John Lennon in the intro to the live/rooftop version of Get Back.

Oh oh…

I’ve just moved into a new place but before I moved in I didn’t notice this…

What is especially worrying is that this is a very Jewish area as well as being really multicultural too.  The landlord really should have cleaned this disgraceful graffiti Off the doorstep before getting us to move in. Instead it is left up to me to do this. Then again I don’t know why any moron would daub this shit onto someone else’s door step.


Hyundai i20 1.2 Comfort

Hyundai i20 1.2 Comfort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I’d update on where I’ve been the last twelve months. Things have changed dramatically in my life. P returned to Malaysia and we broke up. I’ve been going out with JA for the last nine months and am so happy, although I wish we could spend more time together. She’s the most wonderful, beautiful person I’ve ever met. We have known each other for three years but I must stress that our relationship did not begin until after I broke up with P.

I have tried to contact P many times by email but she has not replied to anything since October.There has been some important stuff that I have needed to talk to her about but she has ignored every communication.

In the mean time I have bought a new car, a Hyundai i20, which is a great little car. I went on a holiday with JA and her brother to the Great Ocean Rd and have had day trips to Phillip Island and Dayelsford. In a couple of months we’ll be traveling to the Philippines for a holiday too.

Work wise things have been very much up and down. I have made the decision to leave my work but will do so after my vacation. I feel just so worn out by work and desperately need a break.

Other than all this things are going well. I will make some other updates about specific incidents soon.


It’s reasons like this that I wish that Channel 10 or even Channel 9 had the rights to the AFL.