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FFS – Bolt’s Readers Still In Dark Ages

The idiots can’t even be happy at this. Of course they claim to be Christian yet are so judgemental. Of course if they were so Christian they would know that Matthew says…

Is there anything that multiculturalism isn’t to blame for?

According to the genius readers of the Herald Sun, the UK riots are a direct result of Britain’s policy of multiculturalism and not the recent police shooting of a black youth (gang member actually), rampant unemployment or a terrible Tory government.

The Herald Sun’s resident trollumnist also initially blamed multiculturalism but has since back-pedalled ever so slightly. Doesn’t stop his idiotic readers though!

Steven Tyler – (It) Feels So Good

LOL Bolt’s Dog Whistling



Found this at the sewer that is the Yahoo 7 News page. Most of the comments make for scary reading.

As for the issue it is addressing, I still cannot believe that Gillard is trying to appease the redneck crowd with the Malaysia solution for asylum seekers. Malaysia has a hard enough time dealing with the human rights of many of her own citizens, what hope will the refugees have. Malaysians who are ethnically Chinese or Indian are discriminated against, with Malays and indigenous Malaysians being the beneficiaries of the policy of bumiputera which ensures they get all the best government jobs, local university places, best land and cheap loans. Of course any attempts to abolish the bumiputera usually ends up with radical Malays and the UMNO Youth threatening to run amok.