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Moffatt Ford Sierra

Going through some of the pictures I took at the Australian Grand Prix. Here’s a picture of a Moffatt Sierra in ANZ livery from the late 80s.


Just thought I would make a post about my recent weight loss. Since ‘P’ has been away, which is about 7 weeks, I have lost about 10 kilograms. I have gone from being 115 kgs to 105 kgs. Yep, I’m still overweight but it’s not as bad as it was two months ago. My goal is to eventually get down to about 85 or 90 kgs, which I don’t think is asking too much.

Of course there is no great secret to my recent weight loss, it has all come down to diet and exercise. I haven’t been starving myself but I have been eating healthier. ‘P’ used to like to go to McDonald’s or KFC quite often, whenever we were out. Even though I knew the food wasn’t the best for me, I’d still eat a burger, fries and Coke. Over the last 7 weeks I have had McDonald’s only once, and this was after I had walked from Fisherman’s Bend to Southbank, which was around four or five kilometres. I have also cut out soft drink, trying to drink more water and juice, although I still crave Ice Coffee Big M.

I have been doing more exercise. I have always been a big walker but now that ‘P’ is away I do so much more. Often I will just get totally bored and decide to go for a walk for an hour. Quite often, like when I was in Fisherman’s Bend, I won’t bother waiting for the bus and just walk to where I want to go. I have also been swimming a couple of times, which I have previously mentioned, whilst tonight I actually did a 40 minute work out in the gym. (I’m still sore!)

I think with ‘P’ being away it has allowed me to try to be the person I want to be. Previously when I have said that I wanted to lose weight she would either ridicule me, “You go to the gym! Ha ha ha!” or make me feel bad in other ways. “You want to lose weight? Why? Is there another woman?” With her away I can improve myself without worrying about that.

More Progress

While ‘P’ has been away and I’ve been on holiday I have gone a little stir-crazy. It’s very lonely at the moment and whilst I do have a flat-mate, she spend most of her time either in her bedroom, at school or at work. We barely talk except to say hello and goodbye, although she no longer runs to her bedroom every time   I arrive home. However she has pretty much started to take over the house since ‘P’ left, almost becoming a queen bee, leaving her rubbish lying around, making a mess in the toilet and hogging the couch and TV on occasions.  (Although the TV is OK as I did say she could use it if she wants to!) I’m not sure if the reason why she doesn’t really speak much to me is because she doesn’t like me that much or because her English is not so good! (My Chinese is much worse BTW!)

Anyway I have done some more work on my $3 jigsaw puzzle.

Tom Petty

Cover of "Greatest Hits"

Cover of Greatest Hits

It was a pretty freaky day today. This morning I was listening to Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits on my iPod when I went into JB Hifi in Elizabeth Street. Guess what they were playing over the stereo when I entered JB? Yep, that’s right, Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits! At the time I entered the store the song Breakdown was playing on my iPod, but the song Runnin’ Down a Dream was playing in the store. This means that the store was about three songs ahead of me, so naturally I skipped forward three tracks and synced the iPod up with the store’s music, which took a bit of patience. I had to do this as otherwise it was just so annoying having Tom singing two completely different songs at the same time!


View of MSAC from Albert Park Lake

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I went swimming today for the first time in years. Even though the apartment complex where I live has a pool, I decided to walk to MSAC in Albert Park for a swim instead. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly our pool is not heated and gets friggin cold on days like today. Secondly, by walking for 40 minutes to Albert Park (and back again later), it allows me to get in some extra exercise.

There weren’t many people at MSAC today. There were a few old men and a school group, but that was it. I did about 10 – 15 laps of the 25 metre pool before hopping out to hit the spa. I had hoped to do some more but by this time I was exhausted. I definitely am not as fit as I once was, but surprisingly I am fitter than I thought I was, as I thought I’d be lucky to do only a couple of laps before giving up.

Afterwards I had a sandwich and a coffee outside by the lake. It was difficult to find a place to sit as all of the benches and tables were covered in bird poo. I read in the Herald Sun yesterday that the Port Phillip Council had a meeting to decide whether they should ban the Formula 1 from Albert Park because of environmental concerns. I wonder if the reason they refuse to hire someone to clean up the bird crap which is everywhere in the park, is because they don’t want to disturb the environment as well. It was disgusting! Then again this is the same council that allowed Albert Park to resemble a tip prior to 1996. If they are so concerned about the park then why don’t they do something towards its upkeep instead of leaving it up to other people? Port Phillip Council really is good for nothing and if it wasn’t for neighbouring Glen Eira Council, they would surely be the most useless government body in the state. Fortunately for me, due to a boundary shift a number of years ago, I am now residing in Melbourne City Council’s jurisdiction instead of in Port Phillip. I live about 100 meters from the boundary so if for whatever reason the boundaries shift back, I will gladly vote to remove this useless council. For now I just have to console myself with the fact that at the next Melbourne City Council election I will be voting against Robert Doyle as Lord Mayor.

When I eventually found a place to park myself I watched an old guy who looked a lot like Santa Claus, feeding the swans, ducks and gulls. For a few seconds he was swamped by the things and it reminded me of  a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I felt like pointing out to him that he is one of the reasons why there is so much bird crap on the furniture in the park. Because people like him feed the birds, they overeat and naturally need to do a lot more poos than they normally would. Santa looked as though he had just raided a bakery as he had so much bread on him. Many of the ducks and swans look very pudgy and fat too. I must say I did enjoy watching the two black swans swimming in front of me with their grey signet. It looked a little like a scene from Disney‘s The Ugly Duckling. (Everything I see and do has to be compared to a movie or cartoon doesn’t it?!)

Anyway I think that I will continue swimming on a semi-regular basis. I will continue going to MSAC until the summer months when I can swim at home. I am trying to get fitter and live healthier. I had lost about five kilograms in May, but I have not lost (or gained) any weight in June. I am never going to run a marathon or become Charles Atlas, but I do want to become healthier than I have been over the last few years.


Yesterday I spent about 40 minutes on my jigsaw puzzle and got quite a bit of it done.

Poison – Nothin’ But A Good Time

The other day I had the misfortune of listening to Triple M. Dangerous Dave made a sniggering joke that he’d play any songs requested, even if it was by Poison. Of course this was a day after he had played Limp Biskit‘s pathetically crappy remake of the Who’s Behind Blue Eyes. (The Triple M music director should have been sacked for putting that monstrosity on the air!) No wonder I am spending more time listening to Classic Rock 95.1 these days.