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Dell Comics – Georgie and the Dragon

This is the Dell Comics adaptation of Georgie And The Dragon from Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mister Magoo #5 from 1953. It’s just a straight adaptation of the cartoon which is a favourite of mine.

EC Comics – Master Race

This is another EC Comics story with a racial theme, this time dealing with Holocaust survivors and the tormentors and what would happen if they confronted each other after the war. This story appeared in one of EC‘s New Direction books, issue 1 of Impact and seems to have been quit an influential comic story too and there is a surprising twist at the end.

EC Comics – Dead Right!

This is a very interesting EC Comics story from Shock Suspenstory #6. It has one of those famous EC twists that made their stories much more compelling than those from other companies.

EC Comics – In Gratitude

This is another EC Comics story that deals with race, which was a very tricky subject in the 1950s. It sort of reminds me of the old Spencer Tracy movie Bad Day At Black Rock, only without the towns people trying to kill our hero.