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On Thursday I was in Richmond where I spotted a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Alfa has always made beautiful (if unreliable) cars, and the new Giulietta is no exception.

Yep, this is the equivalent of porn for a car nut.

I’ve also decided that by this time next year I will have bought myself either a little second-hand Alfa 156 or Alfa 147 (not sure which one I like best!).


Melbourne Motorshow

Last Friday I attended the Melbourne Motorshow.I received a free ticket from some kid whose friend did not turn up. (Saved me $20)
The Motorshow was good, and I enjoyed seeing the Porsche 935 long tail (Moby Dick) but was disappointed that there were only two Italian marques in attendance in Lamborghini and Maserati. (I like Italian cars)
What I didn’t understand were the people milling around the Holden stand wanting to get their photo taken with the latest HSV Commodore. Then again I don’t understand people driving Holdens either.

Poison – Nothin’ But A Good Time

The other day I had the misfortune of listening to Triple M. Dangerous Dave made a sniggering joke that he’d play any songs requested, even if it was by Poison. Of course this was a day after he had played Limp Biskit‘s pathetically crappy remake of the Who’s Behind Blue Eyes. (The Triple M music director should have been sacked for putting that monstrosity on the air!) No wonder I am spending more time listening to Classic Rock 95.1 these days.

The Faces – Three Button Hand Me Down

Here’s a fine song from a time when Rod Stewart was cool (and not just to granny). It is also from a time when Ronnie Wood was playing second banana to Rod and not Keef.

It is really a great, bluesy rock song from the early 70s. The Faces could have been the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world, if only they concentrated on the music and not the broads and booze.

The Joker’s Comedy Of Errors

Here’s a story that has become infamous in the last couple of years thank to Superdickery. This is due to the Joker’s excessive use of the word boner, which I guess was not considered to be a double entendre back in the 1950s.

Detective Chimp

Bobo the Detective Chimp was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino in 1952. Here’s his first appearance from Rex The Wonderdog #4.

R.I.P Pablo

Yesterday I woke to some very upsetting news. My friend for the last six years, Pablo, passed away. Pablo was my pet guinea pig and while he may just be a little animal, I loved him a lot. My partner Priscilla is absolutely devastated. She has been in tears ever since yesterday morning and she is not coping at all. She liked to turn to Pablo for company when I was away at work (I do shift work) and she feels extremely lonely now that he has gone. I don’t think that she has fully comprehended that he has truly gone away. She keeps telling me that he is never coming back and that she now has a void in her heart that she just cannot fill. It will take a long time for both of us to get over Pablo’s passing and that we will never hear his little squeaks or see his happy face again. I think that I will miss him a lot, especially the times where I give him pats under his chin before I go to work.