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Defryme – Audrey

Remember Defryme from the mid-90s with Sanity, Mama Said Knock You Out and Purekiller?  I think I saw Defryme once at the Espy, cannot remember too much about it as most times in the mid-90s when I was at the Espy I was a little bit (a lot actually) inebriated.

I know I did see the other Melbourne Def band out at the time, Def FX with Fiona Horne, when they were supporting Boom Crash Opera at the Manhatten (I think) in Ringwood. Deb Conway was also on the bill that night and verbally abused the audience for not giving her enough appaluse. I’d never heard a lady use such profanity! Good times!!!

Anyway not only have Boom Crash Opera reunited for a tour, but so has Defryme. They also have a new song. They’ll be playing at the Portland Hotel in Russell Street on July 9th at 9pm.

I also know one of the members in the band, Michael on the bass, who was married to my sister. Despite the awkward click he does at the start of the clip he is a pretty cool guy. (Just don’t tell him I said that!)

No Title

I haven’t updated this thing for a while and the updates that I have been making have been quite half-arsed. I have scheduled a few updates for the future but honestly, for the last few days I haven’t felt like doing this thing. In fact I have been toying with giving the whole thing away.

Last Friday P had to leave Melbourne to fly back to Malaysia. Her father has been very ill with cancer. I have been missing her greatly and am now realising just how much she really means to me. She does a lot for me, but as usual you don’t know just what a good thing you’ve got until it’s gone.

Tonight I spoke to P and she said that her father was close to the end. I spoke to him and told him that I would always to care of his daughter and love her very much. I think I muddled things up as I really did not know what to say. Anyway P just called me again to say that not long after I spoke to her Dad he passed away.

At this moment I am feeling very confused and upset and angry. I am glad that P’s father got to see her before he passed away. He really loved her and it must have made him sad that his favourite daughter was living so far away from him in Australia. I know how he must have felt as I feel sad that she is currently so far away from me in Malaysia.

It’s very hard to think of things to say. I guess that this all has made me realise how precious life is and that we have to make the most of every minute of it. Life is too short to worry about small or petty things. We need to enjoy ourselves and live life to the fullest.

Anyway, P is going to be staying in Malaysia for a little while. She’s going to spend some time with her Mum.Hopefully I will be going over there very soon to visit. I have never been on an overseas trip before so this is something that I am very much looking forward to.