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I Can Feel The Fire

Rod Stewart (right) and Ronnie Wood (left) of ...

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Yesterday I attended the The Swinging 60’s/The Art Of Ronnie Wood and Images Of Rock-n-Roll exhibition at the Silver K Gallery in Armadale. There were lots of photos of 60s rock stars. mainly the Beatles and Rolling Stones, while I thought Ronnie Wood’s painting were pretty good, although they seemed to be much more about him making a statement about the famous people he’s hung out with over the years, rather than about his style. I guess this is typical of Woody, ho I love by the way, but he has spent 40+ years playing the sidekick firstly to Rod Stewart and then to Mick and Keith. It’s a shame that his creativity has been stifled by the Glimmer Twins to an extent, because judging by some of the stuff he wrote for the Faces and Rod Stewart (and his solo stuff) he is a very good song writer and a great guitarist. I just wish he was able to step out of Keith’s shadow once in a while!


The Faces – Three Button Hand Me Down

Here’s a fine song from a time when Rod Stewart was cool (and not just to granny). It is also from a time when Ronnie Wood was playing second banana to Rod and not Keef.

It is really a great, bluesy rock song from the early 70s. The Faces could have been the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world, if only they concentrated on the music and not the broads and booze.