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Remember when Peter Brock raced a BMW M3 at Bathurst

This BMW M3 as driven by Peter Brock was recently at the Shannons Touring Historic Touring Car race at the Australian GP at Albert Park. I forgot that Brock briefly drove a Bimmer after he quit from Holden and before he drove a Ford Sierra.

The 12 months that Brock spent with BMW weren’t all that succesful. By that time Ford had gotten the ultra fast Sierras to be reliable and they blitzed everything. It wasn’t long before Brock himself dove a blue oval hot rocket but by that time Nissan had brought out the GTR.


Mark Webber

Mark Webber driving for Red Bull Racing at the...

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Just looking back at a few old posts that I have made I have realised that I am a genius. Back in 2006 I said…

 “Next year Mark should finish grands prix, which is something he hasn’t been able to do this year. The Red Bull’s should easily be running in the points and should take a few podiums. With luck Mark can take a win or two, but I wouldn’t really expect that until 2008. Ferrari, Renault and McLaren will once again be the best teams in 2007, but I expect Red Bull to be fighting with Honda and BMW for 4th place in the Constructors’ Championship in 2007, while by 2008 Newey should have been able to produce a car capable of taking an occasional victory. Who knows, in a couple of years Mark may be fighting for the world championship.”

This was in reply to all the knockers in the Australian media who criticised Mark for not living up to their expectations. I was correct in my assertion that in 2007 the Red Bull would be a regular points scorer and that Mark would end up being a championship contender. So far Mark has taken 6 F1 victories and even though he has had a slow start to this year, he should take a few more. I expect he will be especially strong in Spain and Monaco.