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My Fish

One of the tasks I set myself whilst ā€˜Pā€™ was away was to set up the old fish tank again. We used to have Goldfish but they died a while ago and we never replaced them. Of course ā€˜Pā€™ told me not to set up the fish tank whilst she was away, but I was feeling defiant and bored and lonely. I needed something to do!!!

I only have two fish. One is a Betta, better known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, which I bought (rescued) from Up Market Pets at the Queen Victoria Market. The poor thing was being kept in what appeared to be a Vegemite jar. At least in my tank there is room for his to swim around and plants to rest on.

The second fish I bought was a Sucking Catfish, which I mainly got to clean any algae that builds up on the sides of the tank. Before I bought him I had two snails, but the Betta liked to attack them and they died within a week.

I have the Betta for a month now and the Sucker for almost three weeks. They seem to be doing OK at the moment. I won’t be getting anymore fish as my tank isn’t very large and I don’t want it to be overcrowded.



I was just trying out my new camera, so I decided to snap a picture of my fish.