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On Thursday I was in Richmond where I spotted a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Alfa has always made beautiful (if unreliable) cars, and the new Giulietta is no exception.

Yep, this is the equivalent of porn for a car nut.

I’ve also decided that by this time next year I will have bought myself either a little second-hand Alfa 156 or Alfa 147 (not sure which one I like best!).


Melbourne Motorshow

Last Friday I attended the Melbourne Motorshow.I received a free ticket from some kid whose friend did not turn up. (Saved me $20)
The Motorshow was good, and I enjoyed seeing the Porsche 935 long tail (Moby Dick) but was disappointed that there were only two Italian marques in attendance in Lamborghini and Maserati. (I like Italian cars)
What I didn’t understand were the people milling around the Holden stand wanting to get their photo taken with the latest HSV Commodore. Then again I don’t understand people driving Holdens either.