Just thought I would make a post about my recent weight loss. Since ‘P’ has been away, which is about 7 weeks, I have lost about 10 kilograms. I have gone from being 115 kgs to 105 kgs. Yep, I’m still overweight but it’s not as bad as it was two months ago. My goal is to eventually get down to about 85 or 90 kgs, which I don’t think is asking too much.

Of course there is no great secret to my recent weight loss, it has all come down to diet and exercise. I haven’t been starving myself but I have been eating healthier. ‘P’ used to like to go to McDonald’s or KFC quite often, whenever we were out. Even though I knew the food wasn’t the best for me, I’d still eat a burger, fries and Coke. Over the last 7 weeks I have had McDonald’s only once, and this was after I had walked from Fisherman’s Bend to Southbank, which was around four or five kilometres. I have also cut out soft drink, trying to drink more water and juice, although I still crave Ice Coffee Big M.

I have been doing more exercise. I have always been a big walker but now that ‘P’ is away I do so much more. Often I will just get totally bored and decide to go for a walk for an hour. Quite often, like when I was in Fisherman’s Bend, I won’t bother waiting for the bus and just walk to where I want to go. I have also been swimming a couple of times, which I have previously mentioned, whilst tonight I actually did a 40 minute work out in the gym. (I’m still sore!)

I think with ‘P’ being away it has allowed me to try to be the person I want to be. Previously when I have said that I wanted to lose weight she would either ridicule me, “You go to the gym! Ha ha ha!” or make me feel bad in other ways. “You want to lose weight? Why? Is there another woman?” With her away I can improve myself without worrying about that.