While ‘P’ has been away and I’ve been on holiday I have gone a little stir-crazy. It’s very lonely at the moment and whilst I do have a flat-mate, she spend most of her time either in her bedroom, at school or at work. We barely talk except to say hello and goodbye, although she no longer runs to her bedroom every time   I arrive home. However she has pretty much started to take over the house since ‘P’ left, almost becoming a queen bee, leaving her rubbish lying around, making a mess in the toilet and hogging the couch and TV on occasions.  (Although the TV is OK as I did say she could use it if she wants to!) I’m not sure if the reason why she doesn’t really speak much to me is because she doesn’t like me that much or because her English is not so good! (My Chinese is much worse BTW!)

Anyway I have done some more work on my $3 jigsaw puzzle.