I’ve seen the pro-tobacco industry advertisements that we’ve been bombarded with lately, trying to explain why plain packaging of cigarettes is wrong. I have been very confused by the messages that they have been trying to send. On the one hand they have said that plain packaging of cigarettes will have no effect at all and will just cost taxpayers money. If this is truly the case then why are they worried? Then they told us that not only would the government’s initiative not work, but that it would end up increasing the amount of people smoking, something that I think the cigarette companies would embrace. The final message that they have sent out is that people will stop buying cigarettes from shop and instead buy them on the black market. Huh?!

Now the tobacco industry has unveiled their ‘No More Nanny State’ commercials. These ads are nearly as pathetic as the ones which the gaming industry released a little while ago to complain about the governments’ proposed gambling reforms. I noticed that if you go to the website you are able to send a chain letter to your Federal Minister, but there is not an email address to email anyone at Imperial Tobacco to tell them how wrong they are and how the government actually, amazingly, has it right this time. Of course it would be wrong of me to supply the email address of Cathie Keogh, Head of Corporate Affairs & Legal of Imperial Tobacco, for people to email their comments on the inappropriateness of the commercials, but I will anyway. communications@au.imptob.com

Finally I just want to say that many smokers are the biggest pack of whiners I know. They act as if they are so persecuted and that everyone is against them. These are the same inconsiderate people who have no qualms about lighting up and puffing away whilst in the midst of a big crowd, blowing their toxic fumes in the face of anyone surrounding them (this has happened to me more times than I can remember!). As someone who has lost grand parents and in-laws prematurely thanks to their smoking related diseases, I think that smoking should be made illegal but know this won’t happen. All I ask is that if smokers want to kill them selves through their disgustingly dirty habits then don’t take me with you by smoking in my face.