Today I went to Werribee Zoo. I thought I would take advantage of my Myki, which charges only $3 for transport to any zone on the weekend. (However at the end of the day nothing has been charged to my Myki!)

I took lots of photos, perhaps too many. It was difficult taking some of the pictures, as I had to zoom in as much as possible on occasion, so they turned out blurred.

I enjoyed Werribee Zoo very much. Unlike Melbourne Zoo it was not crowded. In fact it was quite empty in comparison. There weren’t as many animals at Werribee, but that gives you more time to wander around. If in the morning one of the animals cannot be seen because they are hiding, you can always come back in the afternoon and see them, unlike at Melbourne Zoo where there are so many animals that you need the whole day to catch them all. The bus trip, through the open range part of the zoo, where we got to see the rhinos, zebras, giraffes and hippos, as well as other animals, was very good too. The driver was extremely educational and informative. All in all it was a very good and enjoyable day.