Listening to 3AW and I cannot believe the ignorance of some callers. It is just breathtaking. Just now Craig called up saying that when he went to school in the 80s all everyone ever talked about was the hole in the ozone layer and now nobody talks about it, so it must be gone. He reasoned that whilst everyone is talking about climate change now, in 20 years they won’t be as it is not happening.

Umm, Craig, sorry to burst your bubble, but the reason many people believe that climate change is happening is because the ozone layer has become so depleted that it is causing the temperature to rise. I thought most people knew this. (Obviously not the deniers!)

Of course the commentators on 3AW, like those in the News Limited (Limited News) papers are preaching to the climate change deniers. They know how angry the bogans are at having to pay any tax, even if at the end of the day it will not have any real effect on their household budgets. They don’t want to have informed debate about the issue, they just want angry callers to ring up and for their audience to be entertained.

I read in the local paper a while back that most people thought that climate change was happening BUT that they did not want to pay any taxes towards trying to reduce the impact of climate change. Many reasoned that the effects of climate change would not really be felt for 100 years so why should they have to pay for it to be fixed. This just shows the selfishness of some people who only care about their own self-interest.