We all know that Andrew Bolt is full of crap but today he proved it himself when he wrote a blog piece entitled: All reported rapes in Oslo by foreigners: police. When pointed out by helpful readers that he was wrong Andrew changed the title to: All reported rapes in Oslo by foreigners: police, which is still incorrect and has not been changed.
The actual percentages are very different to the assertion that Bolt has made. As Alan Shore, who unlike Bolt seems to have researched the topic stated…

“…the perpetrators of ethnic groups, the largest background from Norway (50), Iraq (8), Pakistan (9), Lithuania (7), Morocco (6), Somalia, Afghanistan and Sweden (5), Turkey and Gambia (4)…generalizations that have given the impression that the rapists are only foreigners – and mainly Muslims – proves inadequate and erroneous.

,..The ethnic profile varies within the different types of rape, but for all except rape assault are Norwegian offenders the largest group.

Thus far Andrew has failed to update his post to inform readers of the correct facts.

What do you think it says about the hypocrisy and subjectivity of Andrew that he consistently fails to engage in the most basic fact checking which more often than not results in him misleading his readers? “

I couldn’t have said things better if I wrote them myself. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems that Bolt’s agenda is more important than things such as the truth or facts.