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Wild Thing – Animals On Stage Exhibition at The Melbourne Arts Centre

Currently at the Arts Centre there is an exhibition on that features lots of ‘animals’ that have been on stage and (small) screen. Here are some you may know.



Here are some pictures that I have taken over the years of statues around Melbourne.

A lot of these photos I have been meaning to add to this blog over the years but never got around to it.

The Honey Drippers – Rockin’ At Midnight

Melbourne Zoo

Yesterday we again ventured to Melbourne Zoo, this time to see both baby elephants, Mali and Ongard. Again they were really cute.

There have been some changes since we last visited 14 months ago. Roan the brown bear and Monifah the pygmy hippo have both passed away, which is really sad, while the bachelor gorillas have moved to Werribee, whilst there is a new elephant, Ongard, and new baby orang-utan.

It was a good day to visit even though it was cold and wet. I think that because of the weather there weren’t many people there, and we didn’t have only 5 minutes to watch the elephants. I think we were there for at least an hour.

Herald Sun Cut & Paste

Nothing brings out the ignorance of people more that an article on the Herald Sun website about asylum seekers. Here are some of the more moronic comments in regard to Labor’s Malaysian solution. Sigh!