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My Thoughts

Nyakor Tut - Winner of the Sudanese beauty pagent where trouble occured

There has been much talk about the Sudanese community in Australia and whether we should continue to resettle refugees from this country. There have been a lot of negative comments, particularly from the Herald Sun’s Andrew Bolt and fans of his blog.

One comment that has struck me as being particularly ignorant, but typical of the Boltheads, is that refugees and migrants don’t make any contributions to Australian society, except with their cuisine, and by increasing the prison population. This is of course stupid to rebut, and shows just how ignorant Bolt’s readership is. Of course Andrew does nothing to dispel these untruths as all he really cares about is how many hits he gets on his blog.

Of course Bolt’s blog and most comments left on the Herald Sun website is a fountain of ignorance. Most of the contributors seem to be either 60+ or bogans, and all seem to be sad that the White Australia Policy was abolished. (Of course I’ve have previously cut & pasted a comment that said exactly this!) Most of the people don’t seem to have the capacity to think for themselves or need Bolt to legitimize their ignorance.

One thing that I always find amusing is when Bolt’s readers call those who oppose their narrow view of the world “inner-city dwelling, latte sipping, lefties”. I guess they do not see the irony in or don’t know that their hero lives in Melbourne’s leafy inner-Eastern suburbs and loves opera. Maybe they haven’t discovered that house prices in the inner-Eastern suburbs are higher than the inner city or that most people in the inner city are renters, or that more people in this world would have drunk a latte than would have listened to opera. Bolt is hardly an everyman.

Back to my original though and whether the Sudanese are settling into Australia well. All new migrant groups have some trouble when they first arrive and it usually takes a decade or two for things to settle down. Unlike the Boltists, who seem to have the notion that because of their skin colour the Sudanese can never settle in Australia properly, I think that the most have done very well but have been let down by some trouble makers. It’s wrong to judge a whole community by their worst elements. I’d hate to think that people overseas would be judging all white Australians based on say Martin Bryant.

I do acknowledge that there seems to be problems with single parent families in the Sudanese community, with many fathers being murdered back in Sudan. Alcohol has become another problem with the Sudanese youth, but then again this is a big problem with all Australian youth and not exclusive to the Sudanese. Similarly knife culture seems to be big with the Sudanese youth but again is endemic in the rest of the youth society.

I’m not sure of what the answers are but I don’t want to condemn all Sudanese Australians. Most seemed to have done very well in such a short time.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bolt

Today on Andrew’s blog Bolt tried to assert that most refugees are bludgers.

To which his fans responded with…

And remember, these comments are moderated.


The Herald Sun published this story before Bolt did and some of the comments are even more feral than those on Bolt’s page.

These are just the choicest comments.