Yesterday I auditioned for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Hotseat. It is one of my long-held ambitions to try to get onto a game show, and since this is the only one left on Australian TV at the moment, this is the one I chose. Personally I don’t like the Hotseat version of the game, and it makes the game more about luck than skill. Because of the concept there is the possibility that you get onto the show but don’t get asked any questions. The original Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? was a better show. (Note to Eddie and Channel 9 – Bring it back!)

I left home at 4pm. I caught the number 75 tram from Flinders Street to Auburn Road and walked down to the Hawthorn Institute of Education campus of Melbourne University. This is a place that I know well as I have been here several times to complete exams for Open University. Whilst I was on the tram I tried to read the MX newspaper. This took me three minutes. I then tried to complete the word puzzles that MX publishes to ease my frazzled nerves. This again took me three minutes.

I arrived at the destination around 5:15 but had to wait until 6pm to go inside. I went for a walk to try to calm down a bit, but this really didn’t work. I tried to do some meditation whilst waiting and people must have thought that I looked silly. This helped to clear my mind but I still felt nervous.

The first part of the audition process involved watching an episode of Hotseat. This was very frustrating. I always find it frustrating when watching the show as I know most of the answers but the contestants don’t. I think that the episode was a hint to what the producers really wanted, as it featured Alice, who was very quirky. (Hint, they don’t necessarily want smart people, just quirky/charismatic ones!)

The next stage of the audition consisted of a 30 question test. It was done like they do on the show, where the questions were multiple choice and you have 20 seconds to answer them. I guess I was extremely nervous still as the test started, as I got six of the first 15 questions wrong. Fortunately for me I only made two more errors over the final 15 questions. This gave me a score of 22 out of 30, which I was a bit disappointed with. Of those that I got wrong, about five I had no idea whatsoever, whilst pon the other two I just seemed to have a complete brain fade.The tpo scorer only got a score of 27 out of 30, so I guess I didn’t do too badly. Only people who scored 17 and above got to stay for the next part of the audition. I was surprised that so few people remained and that so many missed out. (Really, most of the questions were very easy!)

The next stage was the hardest. It consisted of filling in a form telling the producers about youself, and then doing a mock 60 second interview where you have to say something about yourself. It is this section in which I don’t think I did too well. I’m not all that great at interviews as I can be very shy and often get nervous and tongue tied. On top of this I did not have any great anecdotes about trips I have been on or crazy incidents I have been involved with.  It seems that everyone had some elaborate story to tell except for me. I did not even have a compelling sob story for why I should win a million dollars. In reality I think it would be extremely unlikely that I would win anything, so my entire motivation for being on the show is just to prove to myself that I can do it.I do think that a lot of the others who were there were quite arrogant and ‘up themselves’. Not the type of people who I would associate with but probably the type of  people who will get onto the show.

Anyway I guess that if I did well I will get a call back to appear on the show. I am not holding my breath. Today I received an email offering me tickets for the studio audience, which I figure is a consolation for not being asked to appear on the show. I am still proud of myself for giving it a go.