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Just a note to say that Borders are having an Ebay sale at the moment where they are offering free delivery. Unlike in their Australian stores, where it seems that they are just getting rid of old stock, much of the stuff that is on offer from Ebay seems to be from their US stores. The items they are selling seem to be reasonably priced, which is a nice change for Borders. They are also offering free delivery.

I am looking at buying a couple of items. The Toon Treasury Of Classic Children’s Comics is priced at $40.74 (usually around $70) and The Golden Treasury Of Krazy Kool Klassic Kids’ Komics is priced at $36.50 (usually $50+).


In Andrew’s Dreams

I’m sure this was just a slip up on Bolt’s part? He’s reworded it now, but really…

Just like the one made by Fox?

Of course this has nothing to do with Rupert Murdoch’s agenda.