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A Hard Day’s Night was The Beatles debut film. It’s quite a funny, silly film, full of great music. John, Paul, George and Ringo aren’t great actors, but they certainly looked like they were having a lot of fun, as was Wilfred Bramble as Paul’s Grandfather.This is the film that is about a fictional day in the boy’s lives and features the title song, as well as I Should Have Known Better, Can’t Buy Me  Love, And I Love Her and She Loves You. I probably prefer the silliness of  Help! to this one, but A Hard Day’s Night is still a great film.

I love The Beatles. I have been listening to their music since the day that I was born, thanks to my parents. In fact I think I knew all the words to most of their songs by the time I was five. Whilst kids today listen to crap like Lady Gaga, and the previous generation listened to The Wiggles, I grew up with the Fab Four. In fact, I have only ever met one person who disliked The Beatles, and they had such abysmal taste in music that their opinion meant nothing anyway.