This is from Dell’s Animal Comics #2 which came out in early 1942. I love the artwork of this story by Justin Gruelle, brother of Raggedy Ann creator Johnny Gruelle, and a great artist in his own right.

I always wondered why clowns and circuses were not more prominent in comic books and cartoons. You’d think that something so full of colour and movement would be ripe for these two mediums.

I haven’t really known much about these types of funny animal comic book, as I grew up primarily focussed on superhero comics and MAD (as well as Cracked). I must say that I have been impressed so far with the stories and art work contained within the books and wish that there was some way these could be reprinted and made available to the children of today as it is a shame that these wonderful stories have been allowed to simply fade away.
Of course there is Art Spiegelman’s wonderful book The TOON Treasury of Classic Children’s Comics, but this seems to be more focussed towards the adult collector.