Keep 'Em Flying

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Keep ‘Em Flying is one of the earliest of Abbott & Costello‘s comedies (5th or 6th) and like most of the boy’s early films it is great. Like many of their early films it is another comedy about army life, which were so popular during World War II.

This film features regular A&C co-star Dick Foran as pilot Jinx Roberts, who enlists in the Army Air-Corps and brings Bud and Lou along as his personal mechanics. It also features Martha Raye in the dual role as A&C’s twin girlfriends which leads to a lot of  humour comes when Lou gets muddled up as to which twin is which.

One thing that I find amazing is just how good and how funny the early A&C movies are. I guess that by the late 40s Bud and Lou started recycling old jokes and routines and were really unwilling to try anything new or daring. By the 1950s when their popularity started to slip as Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin became the hot new comedy duo, budgets were cut resulting in some very boring and unfunny films, although they are almost saved through Lou’s charisma and the fact that he’s always so damn likable.