Last week Andrew Bolt had this to say about the Fukushima nuclear plant.
In the two weeks since the Earthquake/Tsunami he has written that there is nothing to worry with the nuclear plant, that it is the media who should be held to account for their scaremongering and that some radiation may be beneficial to humans. It’s been a few days since he has written about this topic so I wonder if he will have anything new to say about this news…


I’m sure that Bolt will do what he always does and keep insisting that it is the leftist that are making this story out to be worse than it actually is. Of course if the worst case scenario occurs and the plant melts down (which I hope it does not do) then Bolt will forget all about this whole thing and his own comments. Then again Bolt insists that Chernobyl only killed 65 people although up until two weeks ago he was saying it was just 50 people.