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Metropolis is a film that features some incredible visuals. The art-deco inspired backgrounds look very stunning as well. As for the content of the film itself, well I am not so sure. A lot of the time I wasn’t exactly sure of what was going on, and a lot of the characters seemed to be really quite stupid, especially Joh Frederson the industrialist/dictator. I did enjoy some of the facial expressions shown by the actress Brigitte Helm when she was the Machine Man, intent on causing chaos and destruction and the scenes of her dancing as well.

One thing that helps make these sort of scenes look amusing is the fact that silent films run at a different speed to talkies, so the action goes a little faster. It cannot just be because this is a silent film, as there have been several silent film that I have enjoyed. Perhaps I’m just not a great fan of German expressionism? The sets are impressive but it is a bit over the top.