I love the old Public Service Announcements that you used to sometimes see in the back of old comic books. I even love it when animators and film makers try to do the same thing as well. Yep, whether it is Batman making a plea for racial harmony or C3PO trying to get R2D2 to quit smoking or even Superman trying to stop anti-Semitism and religious intolerance, I think these things are great in a corny sort of way. I’m sure that the people who made them had their hearts in the right places but they do seem to come off as being a bit preachy and very hokey.

The first of the DC Comics was this one featuring Superboy, who was the poster child for their PSA’s in the 50s and early 60s.
I do find it hard to believe that no-one would have paid any attention to ‘that little Scandinavian girl’ but this was before everyone decided that Swedish girls were hot. Of course it was so much easier for Superboy to convince the kids to go to some hot Scandinavian chick’s house than to the black or Asian kids places. It wouldn’t be until the early 70s when DC would try to assist integration between blacks and whites, firstly with the Green Arrow/Green Lantern and then with Lois Lane. In the 50s Asians were still being vilified in comic books, although not as much as a decade earlier when America was at war with Japan. In the 50s they went from being the evil, simian looking enemy to comic relief. Again it would be the 70s, when Bruce Lee and Kung Fu became fashionable, that Asians would be treated like normal people in comic books.