Just to show how backlogged I have become with this blog, here is something that I meant to post a month ago, at the beginning of November. That was when Priscilla and I went to the Star Wars exhibition at Science Works. (Yes, we are both nerds, as if you couldn’t tell!)

The exhibition was interesting and Science Works did try to blend in some science fact type of information with it, but in reality it was just an excuse for us nerds to look at the Star Wars costumes and models and puppets and droids.

My photos didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. There were a group of fat, middle aged, heavy metal type nerds who took a real delight in deliberately walking in front of the camera every time I tried to take a picture.

[rant/] Young kids too kept deliberately annoying me while I was there, and their parents (who are my age) just ignored them. That’s one thing I hate about my fellow Generation X’s, they let their kids run around being little shits, they don’t try to discipline their kids at all, but whenever someone complains about their kids being shits they suddenly become very aggressive in defending their children’s behaviour. I know, I know, wait until I have kids and then I will know how difficult things are… blah, blah, blah… [/end rant]

I did enjoy my day at Science Works. This post is now officially over. It has taken me ages to get this all done. The photos took a long time to load but now it’s finally done.