My name is Bertie. I am one of Australia’s most famous advertisements, for a food called Aeroplane Jelly.”

One of the problems with animation in this country is that it is not taken seriously. It is considered to be something purely for the amusement of children. Case in point is this article on Aeroplane Jelly by the National Film and Sound Archive. While there is all sorts of information on the jelly and on the famous jingle, nothing is mentioned of who directed the animated commercials that are now such a huge part of our popular culture.

This is perhaps the most famous piece of Australian animation ever made. The original Aeroplane Jelly theatrical commercial from 1942. This was animated by Eric Porter who was known as the ‘Australian Walt Disney’, although he didn’t have nearly as much success as Disney did.

* For some unknown reason, Warner Bros. has claimed the copyright for the original Aeroplane Jelly ad and taken it off the original youtube link I had. I am not sure why this would be the case, as I doubt very much that this ad would be under their copyright at all. Porter never worked for Warner’s and I am sure that unless the copyright for the ad is owned by Porter’s family or McCormick Foods, then it is in the public domain. It just shows how greedy American companies can be!