It has been a while since I posted here so I thought that I would do an update. The first thing I would like to bring up is the new sexism in society. We often think of women as being constantly discriminated against but what about the discrimination against men? What about all of the TV commercials that portray men as morons like the ad about the stir fry sauce where the mum has to tell her son not to put the sachet into the fry pan.

What about if you received a parking ticket, like I did, from Port Phillip City Council? I parked in a permit zone but there were extenuating circumstances as it was while working with people with disabilities. My colleague also made the same mistake, and parked one spot in front of me. We both wrote to Port Phillip Council and explained the situation, but only her ticket was withdrawn. I still have to pay, even though we both wrote a letter and our circumstances were the same. The only difference that there was in the two letters were the names on each of the letters. I feel that the only reason why her ticket was withdrawn but not mine is because I am a male. I don’t mind having to pay the ticket, as I did do the wrong thing, but why was only one of the tickets withdrawn and not the other. Does Port Phillip Council not think that we would actually communicate with each other about this?