I thought that I would do an update for this week. I have been quite busy this week but I fear that my life is about to get a lot busier. Next month I am going to be undertaking a new Open University subject with Monash University. It is another unit in the post-graduate linguistics course that I started early last year.

Browsing through the course guide the unit does not too difficult, but it will be very time consuming as there is a great deal of information for me to get through and I have to conduct a number of surveys, including one that needs to be tape recorded. (I have two months to do this one but already I am anxious that I won’t be able to find two or more people who will be willing to do this!)

I think that I may as well post updates here on my course and about the things that I learn and how I go about organising those darn surveys, including the dreaded ‘tape recorder‘ one. I think that in the next couple of days I will go through the course outline more thoroughly and then write about what exactly I have to do.

As well as this new unit of study that I am undertaking, I will of course continue to work full-time. I still need to pay the bills and put food on the table and I cannot do this if I do not work. I have to try to organise everything around my work schedule. There is one week where I am at work pretty much 7 days straight (Saturday – Friday) and another week where I only work 3 days in a row (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). Unfortunately I am currently in the full on week, but do get a little time to myself to do stuff like blogging or reading or watching TV or just generally having a life!