f0f6Ub Iwerks is one of the real unsung heroes of animation. While his name is familiar to animation devotees, the general public has no idea who he was or his importance to both Walt Disney and the art of cartoon making. Ub was the chief animator at Disney in its earliest years and animated the first few Mickey Mouse cartoons without any assistance as well as the earlier Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series. Ub is also responsible for most of the animation that was done on the Silly Symphonies prior to him leaving Disney to set up his own studio in 1930. In fact, Ub with with Walt right from the beginning in 1922 when Disney made his first Laugh O Grams and Alice Comedies. Iwerks was also the co-creator of a certain world famous mouse.

His own studio was not as successful as the Disney or Fleischer studios were, but he did create some good new characters such as Flip the Frog and Willie Whopper. After his studio folded he briefly worked on four Porky Pig Looney Tunes, before returning to Disney to develop some special effects, technical innovations and even designing rides and attractions for the Disney theme parks.
Disney Cartoons that Iwerks Animated
Iwerks Studio Comi Color Cartoons